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Turkey Bans Crypto Payments

Turkey’s central bank banned the use of cryptoassets in payments as they entailed significant risks due to volatile market values, irrevocable transactions and are used in illegal actions, Reuters reported. Also, the bank said that these assets were “neither subject to any regulation and supervision mechanisms nor a central regulatory authority,” the… Read more →

Nigerian Blockchain Educator Says Uncertain Regulations and Scams Slow Adoption of Cryptocurrencies

With a population of over 200 million, Nigeria is widely regarded as one the biggest crypto markets in the world. Some in the crypto world believe Nigeria is one of the few countries better placed to see a greater acceptance of digital currencies. However, despite this optimism, the Nigerian crypto industry continues to be plagued […]… Read more →

SEC Commissioner: Banning Bitcoin Is Like Shutting Down Internet — Government Would Be ‘Foolish’ to Try

SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce compares banning bitcoin to shutting down the internet, stating that governments would be foolish to try. She also offers some insights into whether the SEC will approve a bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) this year. Governments Would Be Foolish to Try to Ban Bitcoin U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Commissioner Hester […]… Read more →

US Government Concerned China’s Digital Yuan Could Threaten Dollar as the World’s Dominant Reserve Currency

The U.S. government is reportedly concerned that China’s digital yuan could threaten the U.S. dollar’s status as the world’s dominant reserve currency. Officials at the Treasury, State Department, Pentagon, and National Security Council are increasing their efforts to understand the implications of China’s central bank digital currency. Digital Yuan Could Be a Threat to US […]… Read more →

Akon City 2: Akon Unveils Plan to Build Second Futuristic Cryptocurrency City in Africa

Another futuristic cryptocurrency city will be built in Africa, Senegalese-American star Akon has announced. The government of Uganda will make land available to him for the construction of the new crypto city. The akoin cryptocurrency will be used in the city, similar to how it will be in Akon City, the $6 billion “real-life Wakanda” […]… Read more →

Bitcoin Is More ‘Public’ Money than Central Bank-Issued Fiat Currencies

If you’ve read a research or policy paper from a government or central bank in recent years, you may have noticed an interesting distinction such institutions tend to make when it comes to money. They like to refer to national fiat currencies as ‘public money’ and cryptocurrencies — as well as other virtual currencies — as ‘private money,’ implying that one… Read more →

Goldman Sachs Predicts ‘Big Evolution’ Coming to Cryptocurrency Regulation

Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon foresees “big evolution” coming to cryptocurrency regulation as demand for bitcoin from clients continues to rise. He says that Goldman will “continue to find ways to serve our clients as we move forward.” Crypto Regulation Will Experience ‘Big Evolution,’ Says Goldman Sachs’ Chief David Solomon, the CEO of global investment […]… Read more →

Corrections, Anticipations, Retractions, BTCzations + 20 Crypto Jokes

Never a dull week in the Cryptoverse! Altcoins went booming, bitcoin went consolidating, and professional traders were reminding the new players to exercise caution, but then BTC corrected lower following the much-anticipated announcement of Coinbase’s results. As Allianz Chief Economic Adviser warned that BTC can only establish itself if governments allow it to, Mark Cuban praised ETH as more… Read more →