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Coinbase Gives Preview Of Its NFT Platform, Reddit Tests NFT Profile Pic Feature

In anticipation of the official launch of their non-fungible token (NFT) platform, major crypto exchange Coinbase has shared a preview of the forthcoming product. In a recent series of tweets, Sanchan S. Saxena, Vice President for Products at Coinbase, said his intention was to demonstrate how “super easy” it will be for potential users to buy NFTs on the platform with the use of a self-custody wallet of choice, including CB Wallet and MetaMask, among others…. Read more →

FTX US Gets USD 400M Boost to Compete With Coinbase, Binance, Kraken & Co in US

The crypto exchange heavyweight FTX’s subsidiary FTX US raised USD 400m in a Series A investment round that it says values the firm at USD 8bn and adds fresh capital to compete with other American exchange rivals such as Coinbase, Binance US, and Kraken….Read More: FTX US Gets USD 400M Boost to Compete With Coinbase, Binance, Kraken & Co in US… Read more →

JPMorgan Chase Closes Uniswap Founder’s Bank Accounts & Offers Help

Hayden Adams. Source: A video screenshot, Youtube/Fluidity Hayden Adams, the creator of major decentralized exchange Uniswap, said that American banking giant JPMorgan Chase closed his banking accounts with “no notice or explanation.” “I know many individuals and companies who have been similarly targeted simply for working in the crypto industry. Thanks for making it a personal,” Adams tweeted…. Read more →

KuCoin Expands Euro Operations By Integrating SEPA Support

Seychelles-based crypto exchange KuCoin has integrated Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) support into its operations, making it easier for its Europe-based users to fund their exchange accounts and deposit up to EUR 1m (USD 1.1m) in a single transaction….Read More: KuCoin Expands Euro Operations By Integrating SEPA Support… Continue reading on https://cryptonews. Read more →

Binance Has Been Witholding Information From Regulators, Claims Reuters

Whilst claiming that it welcomes regulatory oversight, major crypto exchange Binance was acting against those same regulators, Reuters reported today. Reuters says it conducted “dozens” of interviews with former senior employees of the exchange, as well as advisers and business partners, and that it reviewed numerous documents, including internal company messages and confidential correspondence between Binance and national regulators…. Read more →

Arthur Hayes’ ‘Coconut Bribery Comment' Blocked by Judge

A US District Judge blocked prosecutors from presenting the so-called “coconut comment” during the criminal trial of BitMEX Co-founder Arthur Hayes and other crypto exchange executives. The government will not be able to use this argument during the trial in March, District Judge John Koeltl said on Thursday, Bloomberg reported….Read More: Arthur Hayes’ ‘Coconut Bribery Comment' Blocked by Judge… Read more →

Major Geographic Shift in Crypto Use Exposed by Trading Volumes

An analysis of trading volumes on major crypto exchanges has revealed a geographic shift in crypto trading activity….Read More: Major Geographic Shift in Crypto Use Exposed by Trading Volumes… Continue reading on Read more →