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On-Chain Gaming Poised for Mass Adoption

Jack O’Holleran is CEO and co-founder of SKALE Labs. He explains how on-chain gaming is ready for the mainstream after overcoming early challenges like high fees and poor user experience. Companies can now build blockchain games that look and feel like traditional games, and scalability improvements allow games to support hundreds of millions of players without performance issues. Read more →

Regulation Threatens U.S. Dominance of Financial Markets, Says CoinRoutes CEO

Dave Weisberger, Co-Founder and CEO of CoinRoutes, argued that excessive regulation in the U.S. threatens to undermine the country’s long-standing dominance in global financial markets. He warned that other countries are embracing blockchain and crypto to build more efficient digital markets, which could cause the US to lose its competitive edge and trillions in GDP. Read more →

Explosive Growth Ahead for Enterprise Blockchain

Paul Brody drives Ernst & Young (EY) initiatives and investments in blockchain technology across consulting, audit, and tax business lines. He says enterprise blockchain adoption is nearing an inflection point. Brody believes blockchains will one day handle 40 billion transactions daily across industries like automotive and pharma. Stacy Elliott interviewed him at Messari Mainnet 2023…. Read more →

Base as a ‘Bridge, Not an Island’

Coinbase’s Jesse Pollak, creator of layer-2 blockchain Base, says the launch of the network has exceeded expectations, even if plans changed along the way. He believes Arbitrum One will help bring billions onto blockchain by enabling seamless user experiences. Stacy Elliott interviewed him at Messari Mainnet 2023…. Continue reading on https://decrypt. Read more →

Blockchain Is ‘Only Way’ Forward for Gaming, Says Shrapnel Studio Head

Shrapnel Studio Head Don Norbury tells Kate Irwin the reasons why the upcoming first-person shooter game will offer a wide range of NFTs. He also reveals team-based gameplay plans and shares how game maps have already changed this year…. Continue reading on Read more →

Decentralize Derivatives Trading with Custom Blockchain

David Gogel of dYdX discusses how the decentralized exchange is building a custom blockchain to fully decentralize derivatives trading. He explained how the new dYdX chain will allow validators to run order books in memory, enabling decentralized order matching at scale. This shift aims to increase security and transparency for traders while maintaining the performance of centralized exchanges…. Read more →