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gm: Week in Review: Tech Layoffs, Porsche NFTs, Ted Cruz

In our January 28, 2023 week in review episode, Dan Roberts, Matthew Diemer, and Kate Irwin talk about more layoffs in crypto and broader tech (including how Google botched its layoffs), the NFT market rebound and Porsche’s NFT drop (fail or surprise success?), Sam Bankman-Fried’s latest claims about FTX US and the surprising list of big companies on the FTX creditor list, and Ted Cruz’s weird effort to get DC vendors to accept Bitcoin. Read more →

How Web3 and NFTs Are Disrupting Film: Myco, Livepeer, Ava Labs, Bad Grrls Creative Club

At an investor event in New York hosted by the watch-to-earn video streaming platform Myco, Decrypt’s Dan Roberts moderated a lively chat about Film3 with Phil McKenzie from Myco, Toni Thai Sterrett the founder of NFT member collective Bad Grrls Creative Club, Doug Petkanics the founder of decentralized video hosting platform Livepeer, and Daniel Killeen of Avalanche blockchain developer Ava Labs…. Read more →