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Is DeFi a Public Good?

In crypto, specifically DeFi, this distinction is a bit less clear…. Continue reading on Read more →

USDD vs UST: Is Justin Sun’s New Stablecoin Just a Clone of UST?

UST, a stablecoin that’s supposed to maintain a price peg with the US dollar 1:1, spiraled out of control to reach as low as USD 0.10 this month. Following the momentous rise of UST in just a few months, only a few predicted its monumental crash, especially with the dominance stablecoins were gaining in the market…. Read more →

New Terra Blockchain Goes Live

After a delay on Friday, the new Terra (LUNA) blockchain started producing blocks on Saturday in an attempt to relaunch its ecosystem after a spectacular failure that erased billions in market value. “Today marks the beginning of the next chapter for the Terra community; one in which our potential knows no bounds & our collective creativity can flourish,” the team behind the project said. Read more →

PM Says Web3 Is an Opportunity for Japanese ‘Economic Growth’

The Japanese Prime Minister has spoken to the nation’s parliament about Web3, claiming that it will spark economic growth – a further indication that pro-business legal reform could be on the cards in the nation. The Japanese media outlet CoinPost reported that the PM, Fumio Kishida, made his announcement before the House of Representatives (the lower house)’s Budget Committee yesterday, where he said:…Read More: PM Says Web3 Is an Opportunity for Japanese ‘Economic Growth’… Read more →