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Base as a ‘Bridge, Not an Island’

Coinbase’s Jesse Pollak, creator of layer-2 blockchain Base, says the launch of the network has exceeded expectations, even if plans changed along the way. He believes Arbitrum One will help bring billions onto blockchain by enabling seamless user experiences. Stacy Elliott interviewed him at Messari Mainnet 2023…. Continue reading on https://decrypt. Read more →

How Sam Bankman-Fried Ended Up in Jail

Super Bowl streaming with a VPN and witness tampering concerns eventually led Sam Bankman-Fried back to jail…. Continue reading on Read more →

‘There Are No Real Standards’: Ready Player Me CEO Timmu Tõke on Building for an Open Gaming Ecosystem

Timmu Tõke, co-founder and CEO of Ready Player Me, joins Decrypt contributor Ryan Gladwin to discuss the startup’s approach to powering avatars that are interoperable across games and metaverse platforms—and what’s needed to convince the industry to adopt standards and open up…. Continue reading on Read more →