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Cryptocurrency Price Round-up: Dogecoin Soars while Bitcoin Rebounds

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Whales Move Over $4 Billion in BTC During Sunday’s Market Carnage, 150 Bitcoin from 2010 Spent

After bitcoin and a myriad of other crypto-assets tumbled in value on Sunday a number of significant whale movements took place. During the morning trading sessions on Sunday (EST), an old school miner transferred three decade-old coinbase rewards with 150 bitcoin worth more than $8.5 million. Later on in the evening, just before the transition […]… Read more →

Would Coinbase Ever Launch a COIN Token?

Coinbase hinted at a coin offering in the past, but went the traditional Wall Street route. Many crypto purists still hope to see a COIN token…. Continue reading on Read more →

Silicon Valley ‘Super Angel’ Investor Ron Conway Says Crypto Economy Is the Next Multitrillion Dollar Opportunity

Famed Silicon Valley “super angel” investor Ron Conway sees the crypto economy as the next multitrillion-dollar opportunity in innovation. The Silicon Valley legend likens Coinbase to Google after the company’s IPO via a direct listing on Nasdaq. Crypto Is the Next Multitrillion Dollar Opportunity in Innovation Legendary investor Ron Conway, who is often described as […]… Read more →

7 Lessons From Coinbase’s Public Listing

The COIN bar mitzvah was a milestone moment not just for Coinbase and Brian Armstrong, but for the entire crypto industry as it eyes Wall Street…. Continue reading on Read more →

Crypto and Traditional Finance To Merge Via M&As

As Coinbase has already gone public, and eToro, Kraken are also planning to list their shares, we can also expect to see an increase in acquisition activity in the coming months. While it’s expected that mergers and acquisitions are set to increase this year, what isn’t so clear is who will be initiating such moves. Read more →

From ATHs Over Bans to 20 Crypto Jokes

This was very busy week in crypto: one day before the Coinbase direct listing, BTC and ETH hit their new all-time highs, and dogecoin led the market, soon landing on the 8th spot by market capitalization, while many industry insiders saw the listing as a bullish event for the crypto space and for DeFi. Read more →

‘Weird Coins Like DOGE and XRP Spike’- Galaxy Digital’s Mike Novogratz Warns of a Crypto Market ‘Washout’

Bitcoin bull and billionaire investor Mike Novogratz has warned about cryptocurrency market volatility in a recent interview stemming from the Barron’s and Marketwatch’s “Investing in Crypto” virtual event series. In general and over the long term, Novogratz is bullish about bitcoin and companies like Coinbase remaining prosperous. Novogratz Warns of a Crypto Market ‘Washout’ Shares […]… Read more →