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Base On Top

Majors continue to rally as ETF sentiment improves. Genesis have likely sold half their GBTC position. BlackRock could flip GBTC holdings in 3 weeks. BTC short squeeze would liquidate $6.6bn by $75k. Lack of on-chain activity indicates ‘limited selling’. BTC crucial to the financial system: BlackRock. Resurging interest in crypto assets: Goldman Sachs. Read more →

This is The Time of SOL

ETFs match last week’s inflows in just 3 days. ETH Dencun upgrade goes, ETH coins broadly fall. ETH L2 costs for trading decrease dramatically. SOL nears $100bn FDV as activity soars. SOL DEX volume now 3x ETH mainnet. MicroStrategy plans $500m raise to buy more BTC. Franklin Templeton releases memecoin paper. Read more →