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Bitcoin Bull Michael Saylor Says FTX Crash Can Benefit BTC – Here’s What He Said

“The FTX collapse is an expensive ad for Bitcoin,” said former MicroStrategy CEO and bitcoin (BTC) bull Michael Saylor. In a tweet on Monday, Saylor argued that the only future for the crypto industry that is actually viable is “registered digital assets trading on regulated digital exchanges.”… Read More: Bitcoin Bull Michael Saylor Says FTX Crash Can Benefit BTC – Here’s What He Said… Read more →

Billionaire Michael Saylor Says Bitcoin Will Come Out on Top Following FTX Collapse

Former Microstrategy CEO and Bitcoin bull Michael Saylor believes the fallout of FTX could actually benefit Bitcoin and spark further growth in the crypto industry. Saylor, who joined CNBC’s ‘Squawk on the Street’ last week, said the turbulence and market volatility will benefit Bitcoin and a “handful” of other coins as it will eliminate thousands of useless cryptocurrencies. Read more →

MicroStrategy Third-Quarter Earnings Report Falls Short of Expectations – Here’s What You Need to Know

Bitcoin (BTC) bull Michael Saylor’s company MicroStrategy delivered earnings that fell short of expectations on Tuesday, despite relatively stable bitcoin prices during the quarter. According to the earnings report, MicroStrategy’s quarterly result fell short of the market’s expectations, with earnings falling 2.1% for the quarter to a total of $125.4m. The expectation was that MicroStrategy would post quarterly earnings of $127. Read more →

JPMorgan Exploring Digital Identity Wallets in Web3

Major investment bank JPMorgan is exploring a future in “the new web” that would see users “freely traverse across digital realms in a trusted way, all using one digital identity in multiple places.” More precisely, it is exploring the idea of a digital wallet, or a Web3 digital ID offering. It is not clear how far they’ve got in actually developing this solution. Read more →