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Why MicroStrategy Has Got Its Bitcoin Accumulation All Wrong as it Lowers Buy Amounts

MicroStrategy has recently made its smallest Bitcoin purchase since it began accumulating Bitcoin on its balance sheet, a move that could signal financial trouble for the enterprise software company. The company founded by Bitcoin evangelist Michael Saylor revealed in a September 19 SEC filing that it purchased an additional $6 million worth of Bitcoin (301 BTC purchased at an average price of $19,851) using its excess cash. Read more →

FBI & DeFi, Difficult Bitcoin Mining, Saylor’s Battles, Ethereum’s Merge Risks, and 20 Crypto Jokes

The last week of summer has brought us a crypto crackdown in Afghanistan, FBI recommendations to DeFi users, and a new bitcoin mining difficulty record despite dropping mining profitability. Bitcoin bull Michael Saylor and his company MicroStrategy got hit with a tax fraud lawsuit and promised to fight back “aggressively,” while a bankrupt crypto lender Celsius asked a court for permission to release about USD 50m worth of tokens to certain custody account holders…. Read more →

MicroStrategy Calls D.C. ‘Tax Fraud’ Lawsuit ‘False’ and Says it Will Fight Back ‘Aggressively’

The District of Columbia’s Attorney General has publicly stated that his office will launch a tax fraud lawsuit against the IT firm MicroStrategy and its Bitcoin (BTC) bull former CEO Michael Saylor. But the firm called the lawsuit “false” – and has vowed to “defend aggressively” against what it called an “overreach. Read more →

MicroStrategy’s Saylor Says Stepping Down as CEO Will Let Him Focus More on Bitcoin

The bitcoin (BTC)-keen American software firm MicroStrategy could pivot even further toward BTC – despite the announcement that its co-founder Michael Saylor will step down as CEO on August 8….Read More: MicroStrategy’s Saylor Says Stepping Down as CEO Will Let Him Focus More on Bitcoin… Continue reading on Read more →