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JPMorgan Boss Dimon Takes Another Badly Timed Swing at Bitcoin

rated:“I personally think that bitcoin is worthless.”However, he added that JPMorgan’s clients are “adults,” and he was prepared to give them “as clean as possible access” to the coin – although his firm couldn’t currently “custody” BTC.But Dimon appeared to be on a mission to o…… Continue reading on Read more →

MicroStrategy Buys Another BTC 5,050, Holds USD 5.1B of Bitcoin

-bitcoins_09-13-2021">announcedtoday that it has purchased an additional BTC 5,050 at an average price of USD 48,099.As usual, the bitcoin purchase was publicized by Saylor via his Twitter account, where he also said that the company now holds a total of BTC 114,042 purchased at an avera…… Continue reading on Read more →

Million Token Announces The Forming of The Million Token Foundation

Disclaimer: The text below is a press release that was not written by Million Token today announced the forming of the Million Token Foundation. This milestone is a major move for the Million Token Community on its mission to establish itself as a long-term store-of-value social token. Social Tokens will disrupt industries The CEO of RealVision and former Goldman Sachs executive… Read more →