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Prasanna Loganathar of Cake DeFi: Biggest Misconception About Crypto Is It’s Less Safe Than TradFi

Prasanna Loganathar is the head of engineering at Cake DeFi, which is built atop DeFi Chain, a proof-of-stake network for dapps built on a fork of the Bitcoin blockchain. He tells Decrypt’s Jason Nelson in our Decrypting Mainnet booth at Mainnet 2022 (sponsored by DeFi Chain) about how DeFi Chain works, how it’s possible to layer proof-of-stake on top of Bitcoin, and the biggest misconceptions about DeFi that he’d like to see go away in 2023…. Read more →

Biggest Crypto Gainers Today 29 September – HNT, SNX, EOS, KSM, CAKE, CRV, LRC, ERN, UNI, SOL

There are many coins and tokens that have performed well in the last 24 hours, and it seems that DeFI tokens in particular have been showing some strength, with a large degree of growth being conferred to a mixture of governance tokens such as UNI and CRV. Earlier this month, token holders of UNI decided that they would vote to improve upon the ecosystem by creating the Uniswap Foundation. Read more →

Interview With BISON app CEO Ulli Spankowski – Part 2: DeFi Compelling But Who Do You Sue And How Crypto Makes Everything Connectable

This is the second and final part of the Cryptonews exclusive interview with Dr Ulli Spankowski, head of digital assets at Börse Stuttgart, founder of Sowa Labs and the BISON app, as well as being the CEO of the latter. The first part of the interview can be found here. In the first part of the interview, available here, Ulli covered regulation, the Markets in Crypto Assets (MiCA) framework, Europe’s big crypto opportunity and the future of stablecoins, among other things…. Read more →

Crypto Investor Matthew Graham: ‘The LARPers Are Gone’ Thanks to Bear Market

Sino Global Capital CEO Matthew Graham, a longtime crypto investor, joins Decrypt’s Dan Roberts in our Decrypting Mainnet series at Mainnet 2022 to talk about investment choices during the bear market, DeFi growth prospects, how crypto needs to do a better job of “encouraging good actors and being vocal when people are doing something not sustainable. Read more →

Steve Newcomb of zkSync: 2023 Will Be ‘Zero-Knowledge Season’

Steve Newcomb, chief product officer of zkSync, tells Decrypt’s Liam Kelly in our Decrypting Mainnet series at Mainnet 2022 about why “zero knowledge” and EVM-compatibility matters so much for DeFi scaling solutions now. He also predicts the biggest crypto news of 2023 will be “the great port” to zk-proofs…. Continue reading on https://decrypt. Read more →

Jonas Surmann of DeFi Chain at Mainnet 2022: How DeFi Will Weather Crypto Winter

Jonas Surmann, ambassador for DeFi Chain, sponsor of the Decrypting Mainnet booth at Messari Mainnet 2022, tells Decrypt’s Dan Roberts and Sander Lutz about why DeFi will weather the crypto winter, how DeFi Chain is building decentralized apps on top of the Bitcoin blockchain, and what could happen with regulation if the SEC views most DeFi tokens as securities…. Read more →

Miller Whitehouse-Levine of DeFi Education Fund Shares Reasons for Optimism on Crypto Regulation

DeFi Education Fund policy director Miller Whitehouse-Levine tells Decrypt’s Dan Roberts and Stacy Elliott in our Decrypting Mainnet series at Mainnet 2022 about how DeFi in some ways “came too early for the crypto ecosystem” and that some lawmakers see it as “hocus pocus, but there’s still reason for optimism. He also sees Bitcoin as “a DeFi protocol for payments. Read more →