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MPs to Question Terra Co-founder Daniel Shin Amid Ongoing Investigation

Do Kwon and other Terraform Labs executives may still be “on the run” – but South Korean lawmakers have announced they want to question the Terraform co-founder Daniel Shin and other individuals linked with the Terra ecosystem….Read More: MPs to Question Terra Co-founder Daniel Shin Amid Ongoing Investigation… Continue reading on https://cryptonews. Read more →

Polkadot DOT Unveils New Roadmap – Here’s Everything You Need to Know

The developers of the Polkadot blockchain have released a new roadmap which paves the way for a number of major changes to its operations in the coming months. Rob Habermeier, Polkadot’s co-founder, said in a statement that Parity Technologies, the entity behind the blockchain, has developed a number of solutions designed to enhance Polkadot’s operations…. Read more →

Hong Kong Slips Down the Crypto Hub World Rankings - Can it Get Back to Winning Ways?

With cryptocurrency investors increasingly worried about Hong Kong’s regulatory ambiguity on crypto, a number of major crypto-focused businesses and events have decided to move their activities to Singapore and other countries and territories considered as more friendly to their industry, as indicated by local observers….Read More: Hong Kong Slips Down the Crypto Hub World Rankings - Can it Get Back to Winning Ways? Read more →

Merchant Crypto Payments: Clever Marketing or Signs of Real Adoption?

Andrey Diyakonov is the Chief Commercial Officer at, a MetaFi (CeFi/DeFi) ecosystem based on Crypterium CeFi solutions and Charism DeFi protocol.__________ Earlier this year, all the news about digital assets was about the ongoing crypto winter, the bankruptcy of lenders and other projects, and major black swan events like Axie Infinity’s Ronin bridge hack or the collapse of Terra’s UST algorithmic stablecoin…. Read more →

Why the Bitcoin Price is Dumping and Could it Get Worse

Bitcoin’s price has risen by 1.5% in the past 24 hours, but has fallen by 4% in the last seven days. At $19,321, this represents a hefty 10.5% correction in the past 30 days, and given the expectation that the Federal Reserve – and other central banks – will continue raising interest rates, the original cryptocurrency likely has more pain in store…. Read more →

Ethereum Merging, Crypto Prices Rising, South Korea Do Kwoning and 20 Crypto Jokes

First things first, you all know the big news, let’s say it together: Ethereum went through The Merge! Speaking of which, check out why The Merge may create a huge centralization problem, why it matters for Ethereum’s health that Lido thrives as a censorship-resistant entity, what awaits the miners along with the top 5 trends shaping crypto mining future, and why cloud mining is set to remain profitable for the coming years…. Read more →