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Deutsche Bank Warns: Ignoring Rising US Inflation Akin to ‘Sitting on a Time Bomb’

Deutsche Bank published a report Monday noting that the United States is facing “the very real specter of consumer-driven inflation.” The bank’s chief economist David Folkerts-Landau and others notably highlight the Federal Reserve’s monetary easing policy and recent tolerance toward higher inflation. Deutsche Report: ‘Transitory Inflation Could Feed Into ’70s Style Stagflation’ The price of […]… Read more →

Polkadot’s Parachain Vision Materializes Following Successful Kusama Auction

After months of hype around the launch, the first Kusama parachain auction went off without a hitch. The now active parachain has already begun successfully processing transactions, paving the way for future slot auctions. Kusama’s First Functional Parachain Goes Live The anticipation surrounding Polkadot parachains over the last few months has at last been realized […]… Read more →

Proposed New Law Would Allow Russians to Inherit Bitcoin and Co.

Senior Russian lawmakers are set to push ahead with the creation of a new law that would allow citizens to inherit bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptoassets, include it in their wills and divorce settlements – and allow creditors to access tokens in successful bankruptcy claims. Crypto currently has a decidedly grey legal status in Russia. Read more →

Amundi Executive Pascal Blanque Calls Cryptocurrencies a Farce

Pascal Blanque, CIO of Amundi, one of the biggest asset managers in Europe, has stated that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are a farce, exposing its skeptical stance on the real value of cryptocurrencies. The investor stated that crypto assets are an expression of markets making bubbles and that investors should focus on other more logical […]… Read more →