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Survey: 1 in 4 American Investors Believe Dogecoin is the Future

The meme-based crypto asset dogecoin has seen a phenomenal year, capturing a whopping 19,723% against the U.S. dollar during the last 12 months. Dogecoin’s price gains have pushed interest toward the cryptocurrency, quickly making it a recognizable name. A recently published survey from the web portal suggests one out of every four Americans “believe […]… Read more →

Urban Tea Now Accepts Cryptocurrencies Including Dogecoin

A specialty tea products retailer based in China’s Hunan province, Urban Tea, has introduced crypto payments in its stores and restaurants on two continents. Starting from this week, customers will be able to buy its beverages and meals using various cryptocurrencies. Chinese Tea Stores and Restaurants to Accept Crypto The publicly traded tea company runs […]… Read more →

Goldman Sachs Executive Reportedly Resigns After Making Millions Investing in Dogecoin

A Goldman Sachs executive has reportedly resigned from the investment bank after he made a fortune investing in dogecoin. The meme cryptocurrency is touted by a growing number of celebrities, including the Dogefather Elon Musk and Mark Cuban. Goldman Sachs Executive Quits After Making Millions in Cryptocurrency Aziz McMahon, a managing director at Goldman Sachs […]… Read more →

Goldman Executive Quits After Reportedly Making ‘Millions’ Off Dogecoin

Aziz McMahon, Managing Director for Emerging Market Sales in the London office of Goldman Sachs, has reportedly quit the investment bank where he worked for more than 14 years after making "millions" from his investment in dogecoin (DOGE). While neither Goldman Sachs nor have McMahon confirmed or denied the news, undisclosed sources told news site… Read more →

Elon Musk Hints at Tesla Accepting Dogecoin for Payments

Elon Musk, also referred to in social media as the ‘Dogefather,’ due to its affiliation with the Dogecoin currency, has hinted Tesla could start accepting the currency as a payment for its cars. The company, which is now accepting bitcoin as payment for its cars and holds it as part of its reserves, could also […]… Read more →