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Binance Backs Twitter Takeover with USD 500m, Musk Could Serve as Interim CEO

The major crypto exchange Binance is backing Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter with a USD 500m investment, a public filing showed. Meanwhile, Musk might also serve as temporary CEO of Twitter once the takeover is done. The investment from Binance is among the largest on a list of commitments from several large investors for the deal…. Read more →

Elon Musk May Launch Twitter IPO After Takeover - Report

As Elon Musk is advancing his plan to buy Twitter in a deal valued at some USD 44bn, the Tesla CEO has reportedly told potential investors that the social platform could be returned to public ownership after a few years. Musk declared that he intended to launch Twitter’s initial public offering (IPO) perhaps as soon as three years from when he purchases the platform, persons familiar with the matter told The Wall Street Journal. Read more →

Elon Musk NFT First to Enter Ukrainian Hall of Fame and You Can’t Buy It

Ukraine’s government created a virtual gallery of NFT-based artworks that “aren’t for sale,” but are being preserved as “an expression of gratitude, similar to how paintings were presented to royal families and famous scientists in the past.” Tesla’s chief and Twitter buyer Elon Musk is the first one to enter this virtual “Hall of Fame. Read more →