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US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen Says Crypto Markets Need More ‘Effective Oversight’ Following FTX Implosion

As the collapse of major exchange FTX continues to fuel a bearish mood throughout the cryptosphere, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has called for the introduction of tighter regulations for the crypto industry. “The recent failure of a major cryptocurrency exchange and the unfortunate impact that has resulted for holders and investors of crypto assets demonstrate the need for more effective oversight of cryptocurrency markets,” the official said in a statement. Read more →

FTX Latest - Crypto Prices Stable as New CEO Condemns ‘Complete Failure’. Here’s the Shocking Mismanagement Laid Bare

New FTX CEO John Ray reveals today in a court declaration “the complete failure of corporate controls” at bankrupt crypto exchange FTX. FTX CEO John Ray lays bare the enormity of the task he faces in finding and securing the property of the debtors as the liquidators seek to unravel the governance and management nightmare that is FTX…. Read more →

South Korean Crypto Exchange Gopax Services Hit by Genesis Disruption

Crypto chaos is finally taking its toll on South Korean exchanges – with the crypto investment bank Genesis’ decision to pause redemptions and new loan offerings earlier this week disrupting services on the Gopax trading platform. Platforms in the nation have – until very recently – appeared impervious to the ripple effects of the collapse of FTX, due in part to the fact that they do not issue coins of their own…. Read more →

Cristiano Ronaldo Launches NFT Collection With Binance Crypto Exchange

“The legend is coming to Binance,” said the exchange. Football giant Cristiano Ronaldo will be launching his non-fungible tokens (NFT) collection this Friday. “My NFT collection is coming on November 18, exclusively on Binance,” said Ronaldo in a tweet. He added that fans can use a referral code to receive “a surprise when the collection drops. Read more →