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Memecoin Bounce

Crypto volatile but bounces after dovish Fed speech. ETFs see record $563m outflow. BlackRock ETF sees first outflow in 77 days. BlackRock expects more institutions to buy BTC. BNP bank buys BlackRock ETF. BTC continues to sit below STH average cost. Coinbase earnings today. Tether made $4.5bn profit in Q1. MicroStrategy building identity protocol on Ordinals. Read more →

Solana Full Send

SOL leads majors higher, DEX volume flips ETH. ETH burn rate hits yearly low. BTC needs to reach $67k for a ‘higher high’. Robinhood receives Wells Notice from SEC. Only 10% of stablecoin transactions are real: Visa. May 15th will see corporate filings of BTC purchases. Hayes continues to OTC buy PENDLE. Read more →

BTC Sinks Lower

HK ETF volumes disappoint at $11M, crypto sinks. US ETFs see another $52M outflow, 4th straight day. EigenLayer FUD after 5% non-transferable airdrop. EigenLayer also geoblocks USA for claims. 5K+ withdrawals after EigenLayer announcement. Microstrategy bought another $8M BTC in April. Miner revenue drops to 2023 lows. Consensys vs SEC litigation will take years: Cowen. Read more →