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Pakistan Court Orders Government To Develop Crypto Regulations

The Sindh High Court, the top court of Pakistan’s Sindh province, has instructed the country’s government to develop regulations for cryptoassets within a three-month period, and established a committee to look into the legality of such regulations under Pakistani law. …Read More: Pakistan Court Orders Government To Develop Crypto Regulations… Read more →

Walmart Begins Bitcoin ATM Pilot at 200 American Stores

The American retail behemoth Walmart has begun a crypto pilot that involves installing bitcoin (BTC) using ATM machines at 200 of its outlets in the United States. The pilot involves the firm Coinstar, which operates the machines and is rolling out 8,000 devices across the country, in partnership with the crypto exchange Coinme, per Reuters and Bloomberg. Read more →

Abkhazia to Build New Crypto Mining Technopark – and a Power Station to Fuel it

The fate of Bitcoin (BTC) and crypto mining in the de facto Caucasus-based state of Abkhazia has taken another bizarre turn after the government announced it would be building a new IT park dedicated to mining tokens. EADaily reported that the President of Abkhazia, Aslan Bzhania, made the announcement on a visit to the Gudauta and Gagra regions, where he announced that a new Gyachripsh-based substation would be put to use – to power “a technopark for cryptocurrency mining. Read more →