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IMF Says Making Bitcoin a National Currency is an ‘Inadvisable Shortcut’

As El Salvador is preparing to make bitcoin (BTC) legal tender this September, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) issued another warning, stressing that this move "is an inadvisable shortcut." While governments need to "step up" to provide the benefits offered by the technology underlying cryptoassets, as well as to leverage new, digital… Read more →

Visa, Mastercard Monitor Binance’s Regulatory Compliance as More Regulators Scrutinize the Crypto Exchange

Payments giants Visa and Mastercard say they are monitoring Binance’s regulatory compliance developments as more regulators come after the global crypto exchange for operating in their countries without authorization. Visa, Mastercard Monitoring Binance’s Regulatory Troubles Visa and Mastercard have not severed ties with cryptocurrency exchange Binance despite rising regulatory scrutiny. The two payments giants have […]… Read more →

Visa to Approve Cryptocurrency Card by Australian Startup

Visa is reportedly set to approve Australian crypto startup Cryptospend’s issuance of debit cards for spending bitcoin and several other cryptocurrencies. “We have a lot of demand for the card,” the company claims. Global card giant Visa is expected to announce later this week the approval of the issuance of a physical debit card that […]… Read more →

Visa and 50 Crypto Platforms to Enable Cryptocurrency Payments at 70 Million Merchants

Visa Inc. announced Wednesday that the transactions via crypto-linked Visa cards exceeded $1 billion in the first quarter. The company further said that it is partnering with 50 major cryptocurrency platforms “to launch card programs that make it easy to convert and spend digital currency at 70 million merchants worldwide.” Visa Announces $1 Billion in […]… Read more →

Visa Crypto Card Users Spent Over USD 1B Globally This Year

Payments giant Visa announced that crypto-linked card usage surpassed USD 1bn in the first half of 2021. Their consumers globally spent more than USD 1bn worth of cryptocurrency on goods and services through Visa’s crypto-linked cards in the first six months of the year, CNBC reported, citing the company. No further details were provided. Read more →

Dropping, Death Charts, Doubling Down and 20 Crypto Jokes

This Cryptoweek, BTC dropped below USD 30K, before sharply rebounding, and although a death chart appeared on the charts, it may mean nothing at all. Despite the general market downturn, Amber Group became a new unicorn in the Cryptoverse. PayPal, Visa and other traditional investors doubled down on crypto investments through a Blockchain Capital fund, and while MicroStrategy is down by USD 479m… Read more →