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What is CeDeFi: A Beginner’s Guide to Centralized DeFi

Decentralized finance (DeFi) has grown in popularity to become a billion-dollar market that’s giving users the same financial products as in traditional finance (TradFi), plus earning additional opportunities. These are liquidity provider fees or governance tokens earned through yield farming. However, the lack of regulation in DeFi has raised a lot of concerns about criminals using protocols to launder money and finance illegal activities. Read more →

Bitcoin Price Prediction – BTC Falls Through $18,000, Here’s Where It’s Headed Next

During the European session, the cryptocurrency market continued to underperform, with the global crypto market cap down 10% from yesterday and DeFi coins down more than 11%. Similarly, Bitcoin has dropped more than 10% and is now trading at $16,300. At $18,170, it broke a triple bottom pattern…. Read More: Bitcoin Price Prediction – BTC Falls Through $18,000, Here’s Where It’s Headed Next… Read more →

Crypto Prices Crash but These 3 Coins Could 10x

The global cryptocurrency market is in a bloodbath, with the total crypto market cap down over 12% from yesterday and the market cap of DeFi coins down more than 13%. Bitcoin fell more than 16%, breaking the yearly low in June and setting a new low of $17,114. Similarly, FTT fell by more than 85% before recovering to trade above $2. Read more →

gm: Aave Founder Stani Talks Stablecoins and Next Era of DeFi

Aave founder Stani Kulechov joined Dan Roberts and Stacy Elliott to talk about his vision for the next iteration of DeFi, Aave V3 and Lens Protocol, the Web3 company he wishes he had founded, and why now is the right time for the $5B lending protocol to launch its GHO stablecoin. Read more →