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Fordefi Aims to Dramatically Simplify the Institutional Crypto Wallet

Steve H., VP of sales from Fordefi, which raised $18 million in funding last year, tells Decrypt’s Jason Nelson at Outer Edge LA how Fordefi uses multi-party computation to make signing transactions on an institutional crypto wallet much simpler—no seed phrase needed…. Continue reading on Read more →

gm: Kevin Owocki Wants to Regenerate DeFi

Move over, DeFi—ReFi is coming? Gitcoin founder Kevin Owocki has stepped away from DeFi grant-giving machine Gitcoin as it fully decentralizes and is now focused on regenerative finance (huh?) and ReFi incubator Supermodular. He aims to “regenerate the regenerators.” He explained it all to Dan Roberts and Liam Kelly, and also talks DAO structure, crypto factions, NFT use cases, his book “Greenpilled,” and much more. Read more →

Why Aurory’s Head of Production Left Ubisoft for Web3

Aurory executive producer and head of production Jonathan Campeau tells Decrypt’s Kate Irwin at GDC about how the first-generation of Web3 games came out of DeFi and are now evolving…. Continue reading on Read more →

gm: How Gnosis Has Endured and Evolved

Gnosis first launched in 2015 as a decentralized prediction market built on Ethereum. Now it’s a DAO, a multi-sig wallet, a staking chain, and a vibrant community with its own GNO governance token. Co-founder and COO Friederike Ernst talked to Dan Roberts and Stacy Elliott about the careful evolution of Gnosis, decentralization impostors, account abstraction, DeFi UX failures, why Ethereum is the “Manhattan of crypto,” and much more. Read more →