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Ethereum Classic Rallies Again, Outperforms Ethereum YTD - But What History Shows?

Ethereum classic (ETC), that was created after a hard fork of the original Ethereum (ETH) blockchain in 2016, is again rallying in the market and has now outperformed ETH on a year-to-date basis. However, history shows that ETC rallies rarely last. Although prices of both coins are down year-to-date, ETC has managed to outperform its larger sibling ETH. Read more →

XRP Fans Celebrate as Ripple Co-Founder Finally Dumps Remaining Tokens

Jed McCaleb, the co-founder and ex-Chief Technical Officer of fintech firm Ripple, appears to have finished his infamous dumping of XRP tokens in the market, with a wallet he controls now showing a balance of just XRP 47.7, or just over 17 US dollars. Per data from the blockchain explorer XRP Scan, McCaleb made the last outbound transaction from his wallet dubbed “~tacostand” on Sunday at 18:31 UTC, when XRP 1. Read more →

Mixers Receiving ‘More Cryptocurrency than Ever in 2022’ - Chainalysis

Crypto mixers – services that exist to increase the anonymity of crypto users – are more popular than ever, while illicit addresses account for 23% of funds sent to mixers so far this year, a new report from blockchain intelligence firm Chainalysis has found. The 23% number for these seven months of 2022 marks a rise from 12% in 2021, claims the firm…. Read more →

South Korean MP Wants to Launch a Fund to Help Struggling Crypto Investors

A South Korean politician wants the government to create a special fund to help crypto investors who have suffered losses in the markets – and says that crypto exchanges should foot the bill. News1 reported that Kim Byung-wook, an MP for the opposition Democratic Party, told a group of blockchain industry leaders and financial regulators at a summit that leading trading platforms should launch an “investor protection fund. Read more →